Beading Bits August 2015


Thanks to everyone who came out to our open house at the Bead Tender.  We gained 4 new members!  Our new banner was proudly displayed!!  See pictures on our social media pages.
We started out the meeting with the bank balance:  $1,335.66
Our polymer clay class was fun.  We learned a lot!
July was the last meeting month to sign up for the Bead Challenge. You can still sign up for this by emailing Emily Satterwhite BEFORE August 15th. Make sure you are present to claim the items for the Bead Challenge at the meeting on August 16th. Finished challenges are to be finished by the December 20th!
The Bead Society Craft Show is in November.  The Performing and Creative Arts Center is tentatively holding an event in November, also.  Once we get confirmation on what the Center is doing, we will contact other local crafters and ask if they want to participate in our craft show.
We introduced our new banner at our last meeting.  And we’re looking to get business cards to include our contact/social media information.
Our next open house will be at the Bead Store in Newport News on Saturday, August 15. We’re also thinking about doing an open house on the Southside.
Who won the bead jar? No surprise, Evelyn Miller! Remember to contribute your beads to the monthly and annual bead jars for an opportunity to gain more beads for your stash.
Please remember we are not doing the members sale in August!!

Our August class will be Scottish Thistle, taught by Barbara Gibson.  For those of you who doing the class, remember there is homework, so hopefully you’ll get that done before the August 16th meeting! Instructions can be printed of downloaded from Facebook or WordPress or by email request. Supplies have been listed in the Class supply section.

Class Supplies:

  • Delicas Green cylinder beads size 11/0 (DB 663, used by instructor)
  • Size 15 round seed beads to match the delicas
  • 2 colors size 15 round seed beads for flower fringe (ex.: pink & light pink; purple & lavender; white & clear)
  • 6lb braided beading thread (or thread of your choice, not too thick)
  • Size 10 or 12 beading needles
  • Flat nose pliers (to flatten thread)
  • Scissors
  • Beading mat
  • Reading glasses or magnifying glass (as needed to see the small beads)
  • Instructions (print from Facebook page or WordPress blog)

Please make sure the first steps are done at home before coming to the meeting on  August 16th!

Beading Inspiration:

Crackle Stone and Crystal Wrap Bracelet

Beading inspiration: The everyday world

Favorite Techniques: Tubular Braiding with Wire

Classes (offered by area stores):

Virginia Beach Beads
8/10 12:30-3:30PM Right Angle Beaded Bead – $20 plus materials
8/15, 1-4PM Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant – $20 plus materials
8/17, 12:30-3:30PM Herringbone Necklace – $20 plus materials
8/24, 12:30-3:30PM Chain Station Necklace – $20 plus materials
8/29, 1-4PM Bow Tie Bracelet – $20 plus materials
The BeadTender
Every Sunday & Wednesday is Beginner Jewelry Sunday 1-3pm. Wednesday 5-7pm. $25 class fee.
8/14 Wired Collars 10am-5pm $75.
8/21 Lock-in 7pm-10pm Free to all Bead-addicts! Socialize with others!

Other stores have not updated their websites in quite sometime, including their social media pages. If you know of any classes that bead stores have not posted, please let us know!


“In any project the important factor is your belief. Without belief, there can be no successful outcome.”
~William James


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