BSSV March Newsletter


BSSV March Newsletter


BSSV Beading Bits

 It’s March already and Spring is here! This month’s meeting is on the 17th, don’t forget to wear green or bead something green!

Thanks to Lou Tiller for coordinating and to all the volunteers for helping out with the Bead Society’s booth at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival! What a turn out it was! Lots of people from the local 7 cities to those that came from other states. Lots of questions and ooh-ing & ahh-ing over our display. Hopefully, we have new members out of those that picked up our flyers.

Kay Bouldin is presenting this meeting for us. It should be exciting!

Next month’s meeting, Kat Allison will be presenting her loom techniques and of course audience participation is encouraged!

Also, a big thank you to Barbara Gibson and Gail Engle for teaching us brick stitch last month. It was great fun!

Ladies, please don’t forget to bring your pieces in for the Show and Tell portion of our meeting. It’s always interesting to see what wonderful and different things that have been made by our members!

Bring in any beads that you have laying around for the bead jars; a few for the monthly jar and a few for the annual jar.


This Month

 At the March 17 meeting, Kay Bouldin a local lampwork artist will give a lampwork presentation. She will be bringing beadwork to sell as well.

There are still bracelets that have not been turned in from December’s exchange and some bracelets that have not been picked up.

Those who volunteered for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, please remember to bring your name tags with you.


Meeting Cancellations and Your Safety

 Regarding meeting cancellations please use your own judgment when deciding whether or not to attend a meeting during inclement weather. If you cannot attend and are scheduled to do a class, let Karen know.

Your safety is more important! Please don’t risk your life trying to get to a meeting in terrible weather. Stay home! If it’s the kind of weather that would stop you from going to the bead store, grocery, craft or any other type of store; then you know it’s not safe to try to come to a meeting.

If you want to know what happened or wanted instructions for a class that you missed, please call Karen or any member of the Bead Society.



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