One Of Our Own

Most of you already know that Tammy Bacot has Lukemia.  She will be under going treatment next month in Richmond.  While she is undergoing the treament she will be living in a sterile apartment environment close to the hospital for almost a year.  What this means is that she cannot have visitors, flowers or use needles to bead just to name a few things.  She will also have to shave her hair and wear a chemo cap.
What she has asked us to do it make beaded flowers so she can wear them on her cap and keep BSSV members close to her in spirit during her treament.  So please bring your variety of seed beads, etc to the June 17 meeting so we can make a variety of flowers for her cap.  If you do not know how to make a flower, there will be people there to help you.  She will also be at this meeting and will bring some beads from her shop.
Also, if you have any pieces of beaded items that you started and decided that you did not want to finish it, such as peyote stitch, spiral etc.  Please bring them for Tammy.  Since she can’t use needles to bead, she will use those pieces to make mixed media art during her time in Richmond. 
Thank you~
BSSV Board


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